dataSights Knowledgebase

A world-class technology platform & real people to listen and guide you to 100% automated reporting


Step 1 - Know what you want to automate

Start small, gather feedback, ensure it’s valuable. A few key points we make sure our clients follow so the best result is guaranteed. If you aren’t sure what is possible, or where to start, we are absolutely on hand to help you figure that out.

Step 2 - Connect ALL your business data

If you are technical, create a Free Trial on our platform, sync your data and watch our videos or chat to us on how to get connected. If you want us to do it, that is exactly what we are here for.

Step 3 - Centralise non-system data

Budgets, targets, commission %’s, historical data, the list goes on. We are on hand to guide you to centralise this crucial data using our various custom tools. Once all data is centralised, your reporting will become more effective, accurate, scalable and maintenance free.

Step 4 - Excel, Power BI & GSheets automated

There is no one tool that rules them all. The right tool for the job, for the right department. If you are unsure on which is best fit for you, press us a call and we would love to guide you in this area.


Step 5 - Further data automations, RPA, Excel Add Ins, eliminate manual processes

The real of Robotic Process Automation is no longer an enterprise only option. Tooling and skillsets have reached every SME globally, and we would be more than happy to show you how you can save time, eliminate mistakes, improve efficiencies and have much happier staff free from dreary repetitive tasks

We are on hand, every step of the way

Our value proposition is being technically excellent, and also truly being a dedicated, responsive, accountable data partner. Chat to any of our clients for references, customer service is our number one priority.